Fun stuff for kids!!

Getting out and about can be some of the best times of childhood: be it is on a bush walk with the family, making mud pies in the backyard, playing in the rain or singing around a campfire.

There are so many great adventures that you can have all around the world, but we can’t forget how important local micro-adventures are for kids. Here are just a few ideas to help your kids develop a spirit of adventure:

  1. Camp in the backyard: You don’t need to buy any fancy camping gear – just bring out lots of blankets, pillows and favourite teddy bears to fall asleep under the stars. Get all your family and friends involved and make sure you stay warm.
  2. Outdoor cinema: Borrow a data projector and set up an outdoor movie theatre with a white sheet as the screen. Cook up some popcorn and bring out the bean bags!
  3. Swim in a river: Swimming in pools can be great, but swimming fresh water pools and rivers is AMAZING. Start in shallow creeks that kids can splash in and then move up from there. Bring a picnic along and you’re set!
  4. Enjoy a campfire: Light a small campfire and cook marshmallows after dinner. Playing with fire safely is a great experience and learning how to perfectly roast a marshmallow is priceless. Teach your kids to light and take care of the fire
  5. Play in the rain: Next time it rains get some towels ready by the door and head outside to race leaf boats, make mud pies, jump in puddles or just play tips. A hot shower afterwards and life will return to normal.
  6. Cook dinner in the local park: Many local parks have BBQs – enjoy dinner and watch the sunset!

If you’re looking for some other resources to get kids outdoors:

  • Challenge your friends and earn points with the Wilderquest or Questagame smartphone apps. These apps are designed to help kids (and adults too!) learn about our environment while outside on an adventure. See how many animals you can find!
  • Help out wildlife in your backyard by signing up to Backyard Buddies. Their website has a bunch of great resources to help out native critters in your garden.
  • Swap screen time for green time! You don’t have to be an expert – just encourage your kids to have fun unstructured free play outdoors.


Text adapted from Matt McClelland’s article in “Nature Play” in the Spring 2015 edition of Nature NSW