Attracting Native Wildlife workshop

There is a lot going on in nature that is maybe unapparent to our eyes. There are families of all sorts of wildlife going about their business without us seeing a thing.

Private gardens can act as essential stepping stones as native wildlife moves between large natural areas by providing water, shelter and food. At this workshop we will guide you on how to attract and protect native wildlife, like birds, butterflies and native bees, to your area so you can both co-exist together in balance and harmony while still maintaining a beautiful garden.

We’ll help you create a sustainable eco-friendly backyard for wildlife that suits you and your family, by covering a range of topics on: gardening with native plants, what species to expect in your backyard and how to create habitat for native wildlife.

RSVP: call Liverpool Council on 1300 36 2170 to book your spot and confirm workshop location details in Casula